July 30, 2014

Auto-responder. The hottest item in a marketer’s toolbox.

Auto-responder triggered by user activity? Marketing automation just grew up.

Marketing automation always showed great promise. In theory.

But so much was based on “strategic assessments” of “personae” with “predicted tendencies” … that is to say, guesswork. Assumptions. A/B testing, then passive waiting for results. Using tools like PDFs that do not and can not report back. Send 10,000 PDFs, and you can learn how many were downloaded… but that’s all. You can’t be certain anyone read a single page.


No guessing needed. User behavior triggers just the right response, at just the right time.

Now you can publish content to your pipeline and use very precise analytics of user behavior, not just to identify and monitor your best prospects – but to generate  an auto-responder to speed them on the buyer’s journey.

Here for example is what you cannot do with a PDF: Find readers who spent more that 90 seconds on page 7. Or took the interactive quiz on page 12. Or watched the embedded video of your new product offering. Annnnnnnnd … discover the obviously engaged readers who performed all three.

Program a rule set about them to send auto-responder offers to these identified warmer prospects a special deal, or a discount, or an invitation to a webinar, or … whatever your ruleset specifies. Another touch point, timed perfectly by user behavior.

You’re not guessing at the predicted action of a brand persona – you’re seeing real activity in your pipeline. Hey. Your pipe is now transparent!Tweet: Re-naming a company is a minefield. No matter how badly it's needed, there will always be fearful people resisting the change.

An auto-responder triggered by user action is possible now because of a revolutionary new interactive content management platform, the KinetiZine™.

You’ve got to see it (and hear it, and interact with it) to believe it.

By the way, if you’re curious to know how your current brochure or mailing series  would look and behave as a KinetiZine, email us a sample, and we’ll show you. And then surprise you with a reasonable timetable and budget. Improve your prospects!