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An innovative and highly successful school for Oral Deaf Education, Child’s Voice students start in infancy after a cochlear implant, and learn to hear, and speak clearly, and be ready to join mainstream schools without sign language, aids, or special treatment, usually by age 5 or 6. The students’ record of school success is inspiring, but not surprising when you think about it: making honor roll is a piece of cake for focused, goal-oriented students!

Our logo reflects the sheer joy of these children. (The apostrophe, by the way, represents a cochlear implant.) Many people are amazed to hear the laughter on the noisy playground or the exuberant singing in music class. Our tagline, “You’ll be hearing from us” promises great lifetime accomplishment, a promise we don’t hesitate to make: If you’ve met remarkable and challenging goals before first grade, your future is unlimited.

Child’s Voice logo + tagline