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The first phase of re-branding European Furniture Warehouse was a name change. EuroFurniture is not only shorter, it matched the url of their website, and discards negative “warehouse” implications.

The furnishings sold are contemporary, mostly high-end, and imported directly from artisanal Italian design houses. We felt the word “warehouse” was no longer appropriate for the retail showrooms, even though they’re gigantic (three stories full!)

Check out this EuroFurniture video case history.

The second much-needed phase was an update of the corporate identity. The old, dated logotype and mark were replaced by contemporary graphics, with a strong color palette for use in advertising and marketing. Even a tastefully restrained logo was placed on the side of their stylish Mercedes step van delivery vehicle. The delivery guys actually wear white gloves, by the way.

A new tagline, too: Grand Contemporary Design. The last two words are straightforward enough, but Grand carries three meanings: the scale of the showroom, the artistic level of Italian (and American, Swedish, and a few other) designers, plus a subtle reference to the emerging Grand Design District, the area in Chicago that the showroom anchors, at 2145 West Grand Avenue.

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