January 6, 2018

Are you a manager … or a coach?

There’s a new book by “the Vince Lombardi of business coaches,” if I may quote myself*

The 3 x 5 Coach

A well-coached team is a productive team is an accountable team is a happy team. So buy the book.

Dave Baney’s new book is available on Amazon, and I highly recommend it to anyone who supervises a team. The 3 x 5 Coach is a guide that quickly resolves the “manager vs. coach” question then provides a clear easy-to-follow method to create both profitable growth, and happier people. Yeah, it really works like that.

This is totally practical, not theoretical. It will guide your team so that everyone is clear on mission, goals (company and personal), accountability, communications, titles, feedback and quantifiable performance indicators.

Dave founded 55 Questions, a coaching consultancy which we had the pleasure of naming and branding. I’ve always (immodestly) thought it was one of our better naming concepts.

He had heavy responsibilities with McDonald’s and Burger King, both domestic and international, before sort-of retiring to coach CEOs of small-to-medium businesses. This new book is a distillation of his keen insight into how teams ought to function, and how “managers” can become coaches to bring about changes that accelerate growth, job satisfaction, and efficiency.

*I compare him to the great coach Lombardi in the Acknowledgements section of the book. I did hesitate because there may be some readers too young to remember Lombardi – but what better-known coach could I refer to? Joe Madden? Knute Rockne? John Wooden? I dunno, Polonius? I’m accepting suggestions.