“Content is King” is more than a cliché

Today, you must have an original content strategy to engage your prospects.

Differentiate your brand from competitors with a story that’s targeted, placed properly, purposeful and refreshed from time to time. This is Anchored Creativity that ensures your content serves a strategic purpose.

Advertising can’t solve branding problems the way it once did. Reach and frequency calculations are soooo last century. Think engagement more than repetition. A 1980s-era “Create a USP and hammer it incessantly” gets left in the dust by a 21st-Century viral video.

Original content makes your brand (especially your search engine results!) stronger. Killian Branding partners with you to create unduplicated content – infographic, blog post, or video – to engage and inform. Are you the expert others should rely on? Prove it!


  • Art direction and design
  • Animation production
  • Blog post content
  • White papers, infographics, visuals
  • Video

What content engages your audience?