“Should Email Marketing Be Part of My Mix?”


Do you have 1400 names or more in your database? If so, yes. If you have 14, you’re better off with phone calls. If you have 14,000, it’s one of your biggest assets.
Good email strategy is an essential adaptation for digital success. To avoid being marked spam, unsubscribed, or unopened, you need to be relevant, engaging, and, most important, personal. Spray and pray messaging no longer works! Make your audience feel you’re talking to them one-on-one. Have an email strategy that segments your lists so you can deliver personalized, targeted messaging to them at optimal times.

We’ll help you navigate international GDPR compliance, the standards we will all have to live with going forward.

Don’t accept cookie-cutter solutions

Killian Branding works with you to design and develop emails tailored to your brand’s specific goals and audience. Our team works with you from beginning to end on strategy, copywriting, design, development, production testing, deployment, analysis and ROI metrics.


  • Email strategy
  • Email design and development
  • Email deployment
  • HTML template production
  • Copywriting
  • Drip campaign creation

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