March 1, 2015

Google keeps evolving. So we must. So you must.

We closely follow Google’s algorithm to stay visible and findable. And we do it well. Prove it for yourself: do a Google search for “renaming a company.”

Search engines (Google and the seven dwarfs) keep adapting their process, tinkering with the formulae to make them better, faster and more relevant. Searchers want results that are satisfyingly useful, and Google dominates because they keep evolving to deliver better results than anybody.

Darwinian Marketing Adapts

Awareness of your brand demands adaptation.

To be found more often by more people, you also need to pay attention to how and why Google ranks you versus your competitors. Invest carefully in best practices that make your brand more visible to your best prospects. Need I add (Duh!) to that last sentence?

So here’s your dilemma. You don’t have the internal resources to optimize your site, so you need outside experts. There are, confusingly,  eleventy-four bazillion emails spamming your inbox annually from “experts” making promises. Some seem serious, some ludicrous, many pure snake oil. Who can you believe?

Then here’s our dilemma. As a part of our branding practice, we help clients with SEO strategy and tactics, but why should anybody believe us over all that noise?

Our answer: re-read the first paragraph. Walkin’ the walk, babe.

Do you want that kind of result for yourself? Let’s talk .