July 12, 2016

We’re healthy shake people now

We're healthy shake people now

Thanks to our new client, Purition, we’re all about healthy shakes made with real food

We’re delighted to welcome Purition to our client page. Hey, we get to try a bunch of healthy shakes and call it “research.”

Purition has been a big hit in the UK, and we’re going to help introduce Americans to these gluten-free no-nasties no-added-sugar shakes.

That no-added-sugar is crucial since sweetness is an unhealthy habit. Odds are, your current meal replacement or after-workout shake has more sugar than you want or need. Delicious doesn’t have to be artificial. Or unnaturally sweet.

Speaking of research, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the taste and texture of a protein mix made with 100% real/whole/clean food. Get a sample pack via Amazon (yes, they’re in inventory for quick delivery) and let us know if you’re joining us.