February 20, 2013

Is your brand digital-smart?

Let’s assume nobody reading this is still on the dinosaur end of the digital bell curve, clinging desperately to traditional advertising. Or printed directories, cold calling, and other circa-1998 antiques.

Neither are you likely to be found on the other pointy end of the bell curve, shunning traditional media, uber-active in social media, building dialog with customers, and seeing great ROI from mobile devices

You and your brand are more likely in the middle, trying to find the optimal strategy in this post-info-explosion era. Your best prospects avoid “sales pitches”  and make purchases smartphone in hand. The next 100 prospects who will be introduced to your brand will either be introduced to you digitally, or will verify you online. Yes, even if they learn of you by word-of-mouth or referral, they’ll use social media to authenticate you.

You cannot sit this out.

Buying decision-making has evolved fast, and adaptation takes time. Should you have a mobile website or a responsive site? Should you avoid print? Should a B2C brand use LinkedIn? Should a B2B brand use Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or any of 85 alternatives? Is digital killing radio or newspapers? How much budget should go to outbound marketing, and how much to findability? If content is king in the digital age, who in the enterprise will create it? What resources need to be added or rented or found to curate the content that’s so important for credibility with search engines?

Change is challenging, and branding is more complex than ever before.

The best answers for you, faithful reader, cannot be given here. There are no cookie cutter strategies, because how you connect your brand to your best prospects has too many variables. What we can do, however, is meet with you, examine your competitive environment and markets, and begin to shape a digital strategy unique to you. Hey. It’s what we do.