Need a keynote speaker? Branding workshop leader?

Want a branding expert to enlighten and entertain your group?

Be visible. Be differentiated. Be urgent. That’s three ways branding can help you crush competitors.
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Want to hear about strategies that actually work in the digital age? Bob Killian will energize your management team/convention/industry group with his inspiring mix of humor and ‘street-fighter’ practical advice.

Bob has generated enough positive audience feedback that he’s a recommended keynote speaker at international marketing conferences. His branding, naming and marketing white papers are taught in 16 universities.

Since every organization exists in a rapidly-evolving competitive environment, every brand needs to adapt and evolve to thrive. The rate of change in a post-information-explosion world is speeding up – and the risks and opportunities are both higher than ever.

Many topics are available, including:
• Renaming is a Minefield!
• Setting Fire to Money: Why Old-School Marketing Fails Today
• “Differentiate or Die” … is Dead
• Marketing Has Evolved – Have You?
• Eight Decisions to Ignite Growth

See what audiences say:

… thank you for presenting your “Branding Boot Camp” to our membership. The lessons we took from your program gave us a clear picture of how essential branding is to any enterprise. Our young leaders will no doubt have an edge in assessing their firms’ branding strategies.

Your Multimedia presentation was especially helpful and we were able to absorb a lot of information in a shorter time block thanks to the slick set-up. We can also guess that the Killian office must be a fun place to work, given your wry sense of humor. Thanks for sharing the brand that is Bob Killian.

Kelly Ford, The Young Executives Club
Extremely lively. We are currently looking to create a new, strong brand and you inspired a long list of ideas.
Cheri Helmick
Very engaging speaker – great information – easy to understand and implement.
C. P., Toronto, ON
Bob is a great storyteller. This has reinforced what I know and also created a positive direction to put into action. We need a lot of help — we are in a branding crisis (four name changes in the last ten years).
Peggy Sheehan, Bruce Offset
This is material we desperately need to implement and this gives me a place to start. Do another!
Benjamin Cohen
Thanks for your presentation on Branding. Your treatment of the topic was definitely a very timely topic for all of us. In a world of “convergence, connectivity, and globalization” your message came through like a laser beam. Whether our attendees represented global real estate brokerage corporations, or sole proprietorships, the message could be broadly applied.
Pete Petrouski, Program Chair, CCIM
I’m opening my company in the next thirty days. It was great to know where to focus next. It was awesome. Thank you Bob!
C. B.