February 3, 2013

Mobile websites are obsolete. R.I.P.

Do you believe you need a mobile website?

Well, you don’t. You may have been justified three years ago, but .mobi sites are now old technology.

Yes, a large and growing number of people will connect with you on a small screen. Your best strategy, however, is not a second site, but one responsive website that behaves appropriately depending on the device (computer, smart phone, tablet) where it’s displayed.

Perhaps “obsolete” is a bit of an overstatement. If you have a large site that draws from multiple databases (say, Amazon) it makes sense to have a separate mobile site. But for the other 97% of sites, responsive site coding is a much better choice, and getting better by the month.

Marketing is evolving faster than ever. Failure to adapt, as Charles Darwin might have advised you, is a road to extinction. What will your organization need to thrive in today’s competitive environment? Let’s talk.