April 16, 2011

Need tagline examples (non-U.S.)

I’m giving a talk on taglines (aka straplines, slogans, buttons) at the International Association of Business Communicators meeting in San Diego in June. Since it is an international audience, I could use more examples, stories, case histories of taglines from brands around the world. We’re just fine with U,S. examples as you can read in our White Paper on the topic.

Do you have examples to share from non-U.S. marketing, from Europe or Asia or wherever you may be? Taglines famous or infamous, successful or un-, long-established or especially clever for products, services, political causes or candidates? I’d love to hear from you. Send examples, stories, links or pictures to

If you’re going to attend the IABC International Meeting, my talk will be Tuesday, June 14. Could you stop by and say hello? Just do it.