April 20, 2015

Who should rename? Versus who’s waiting too long?

Domino’s (sensibly) dropped “Pizza” to rename. They had outgrown the category. They see their scope evolving beyond the narrowness of just-pizza, and shedding the baggage of the old identity both simplifies and enriches the brand.

Rename these?Who’s next? We recognize that it is a difficult and sometimes perilous adventure to rename, but when legal action, a merger, or simple growth makes it prudent to take that step, suck it up and full speed ahead.

And yet there are organizations that fail to take that step, out of fear, indecision or even pigheaded stubbornness. (We’re looking at you, Redskins.)

Who else would you nominate as candidates ripe to rename? We have a few in mind, but there are no doubt thousands to choose among.