August 2, 2010

Stupid spam tricks…

Got a spam email today vainly trying to alarm us into buying some SEO service. When we considered the first two sentences, though, we were almost tempted to write back to the robot, addressed to Dear Dumbass. The email began:

I found your website ranked 4 for Advertising agency Chicago. If you are not on the first page or in the top 5, you are not being seen by your potential market or clients.”

A head scratcher. There are, by the way, more than 900 “Advertising Agencies and Counselors” in the local Yellow Pages. But do a Google search for Chicago ad agencies, and we’re normally in the top three, often with Burnett and DDB, both of which are hundreds of times our size. Sometimes we’re first, which we assume makes for head scratching at Burnett and DDB.