August 27, 2018

The animals go #uncaged!

I was quoted in USA Today, commenting on the branding impact of this redesigned snack package:
The article, which you can read here, says the change to #uncage the animals was urged on the maker (Mondelez/Nabisco) by PETA activists. USA Today wanted me to assess whether there would be any resistance to the change from traditionalists.

Maybe. Every change to a brand brings out some level of resistance. Human nature. Mondelez wisely kept the color palette, typographic style and general look and feel, then put the animals center-stage, nobly heroic. They even kept the Barnum name, despite the circus fading into memory. Net result: the box has evolved into a still-familiar but more contemporary package.

Anyway, as I said, since there are no pro-cage people, they might add some new friends, but probably won’t lose any.