January 15, 2012

Your brand’s credibility formula

Your brand’s credibility can be measured mathematically, by a simple equation:

C = 100%/a

where C is credibility, and a is the number of attributes that define your brand, such as low price, selection, service, unique functionality, high quality, and so on. Make yourself a list.

Thus, Volvo, who is all about safety has street cred = 100%. L’Oreal, all about high quality, 100%. Sears, which is about selection and price and appliances and tools and history = 100%/5, thus 20% believable.

There’s a local car dealer on tv in your (or any given) market who claims to be about selection, price, service, dependability, convenient hours and location, cash back, free coffee, monster tent events, and a maniacal toothy grin. He’ll give you ten reasons why you should visit, and the cred % shrinks with every message.

Can you discipline your brand to about one important attribute?