April 3, 2017

Are Focus Groups Obsolete?

Well… are they?

Hell yes! We’re so passionate about the need for their extinction we wrote a white paper on the subject years ago (read it here). It’s still true.

Why the hate?

It’s a committee, for Pete’s sake. Humanity’s blockbuster weapon to prevent action.

Many (and trust us, we’ve seen many) new product launches have shipwrecked because marketers banked on focus groups’ “acceptance” of a concept. Wishful thinking can be more powerful than gravity.

New rules, new tools.

New microtargeting technologies, for example, let you test messages, measure ROI, and adjust as you learn and evolve. That is, if you have the right analytics, the right creative, and the right partner (hey! we think we might know someone who could help).

Let’s talk about better options for you.

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