June 16, 2017

Who Visited Your Site?

Don’t know who looked at your website yesterday?

That’s a problem. You can’t engage prospects you don’t see.

Technology to the rescue. Today, you can monitor and respond to prospects 24/7. Observe visitors to your website, see which pages they visit, monitor which emails they actually open, what display ad or search engine or email or FB post brought them – then automate appropriate responses, also 24/7!

New rules, new tools.

Yes, now you can identify and tag every visitor, even that anonymous prospect who looked at four pages yesterday at 3:48pm, thanks to marketing automation. Suppose she returns in the future and fills out a form. You’ll be able to track all her activity back to the first visit – then automate responses with sales robots, so you never lose the moment. Hey, if you don’t respond in a timely fashion, your competitor will.

Lose the blindfold.

Fill out this form. Let’s set a time to talk about these valuable new tools.

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