September 13, 2017

Is Your Differentiator Ownable? Really?

You’re better than your competitors, right? Right?

If you don’t own the reason you’re better, you’ll lose business to Those Other Guys.

What does an “ownable differentiator” mean?

Your competitors can’t make the same claims as you. Right? Here’s a test: Customers must come to you if they want _______ (fill in the blank with your differentiator.)

What did you fill in? Unfortunately, choosing “quality” or “great customer service,” as your key differentiator gives you a failing grade. (Sorry.) People demand high quality plus perfect customer service on every transaction, every time, from every business. Just read some Yelp reviews: any customer service slipup brings out the flamethrowers.

Besides that, Those Other Guys play the same lame claim game.

Need help finding engaging differentiation?

Same ain’t better. If you can’t be unique, you wind up overspending on awareness. You don’t have to out-shout them; out-think them. The right strategy for making your brand story unique can be difficult to establish, especially if everybody in your category is singing the same song. Difficult – but not impossible. It’s what we’re good at.

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