March 10, 2017

Don’t Spray and Pray


We did things a little differently back when the earth was cooling

Spray and pray marketing was what we all did back in the dark ages of, say, 2007. Send the same message to everyone, pray they received it. The only way we really knew a message worked was if a customer took action. We sat by the phones, pining for the fjords. As it were.

Modern marketing tools introduced a better way

New tools evolved. Today, we replaced spray and pray with more precise science, to know which messages were received or ignored, by whom, what actions they took, what website pages they spent time on. Those folks in your CRM became visible. Every marketing tactic’s ROI was suddenly measurable.

Unfortunately, however, most marketers still engage in spray and pray.

What’s the problem with that? With new accountable marketing automation tools, sending the same message to everyone is no longer acceptable. Buggy whip 8-track Hammer pants, unironically.

Our mission to stop spray and pray marketing

Raise your right hand. Swear off. Why? Take a look inside your own database or CRM. You no doubt have many people at different points along the buyers’ journey:

  • Suspects
  • Prospects
  • Maybe Leads
  • Hot Leads
  • Customers
  • Brand Evangelists

withEach of them with different wants. Obviously.

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time

Imagine being able to send targeted emails with messaging personalized, one-to-one, to each person. Take this messaging strategy example:

  • Suspect: Send them a short introductory video explaining who you are and your products or services
  • Hot Lead: Send them a time-sensitive deal if they commit right now
  • Customer: Send them information about your loyalty rewards program to encourage repeat business.

Each message and touchpoint become more personalized and effective when you ditch spray and pray marketing.

How to quit spray and pray marketing

1. Realize you have a problem.

2. Identify all your audience segments.

3. Develop individuating messaging strategies. Test, measure, edit, retest. Rinse and repeat.

(Hey, does this sound like some 12-step program? Spoiler alert: it sorta kinda is. For now, though, let’s just focus on these first three.)

Develop your brand’s sales efficiency

At Killian, we know how important identifying audiences and messaging strategies are. That’s why our brand development services include them.

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