January 28, 2017

Of 11,000 marketing firms in America, we were ranked #3.

#3 out of 11,000

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When your firm looks for an advertising, marketing or branding partner, you face a bewildering number of unfamiliar choices.

The research firm will come to the rescue to do the initial work for you, screening the nation’s agencies. They conduct client interviews* in depth, asking relevant questions about effectiveness, responsiveness and more. They probe. They challenge. Then crunch the numbers.

For 2017, we were ranked #3.

In the whole country.

We were, of course, surprised and delighted by the honor.

Searching for marketing counsel can seem difficult or risky (or both), but you should be aware that there’s a systematic, reliable way to find a trustworthy resource. A more scientific method than asking your CEO’s cousin’s neighbor’s wife who she’s heard of.

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*They conduct in-depth telephone interviews, not superficial check-the-box internet surveys.