September 15, 2017

Spock Fails at Branding

Putting a Vulcan in charge of your brand strategy = no urgency

Why? Because there are no purely logical purchase choices. None. You can always find some emotional urgency driving the decision to buy, from whom, at what time. The non-rational elements overwhelm Spock-style logic.

Urgency closes the deal

Awareness and differentiation take you only so far. Without the vital third element, urgency, your best prospects are unlikely to complete the journey and become customers.

Yeah sure, sometimes sales, discounts, or deals stir up short-term urgency – but throwing away margins shouldn’t be your go-to solution. A healthy brand doesn’t need to compete on price. Build an emotional appeal into your brand strong enough to move people to action now.

Leave Spock behind. Create urgency.

Start with research. Understand your audience(s). Listen to how competitors talk to your audience. Find the gaps and explore what will engage and move people to action. Better still, talk to experienced and objective branding professionals.

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