June 24, 2017

The Selection Set Blues

Is your online lead generation disappointing?

Find the cure. Choose effective strategies that multiply your chances of beating competitors into the selection set. The problem, you see, may begin with your website’s HTML code, but you can solve it.

It takes better SEO to get in it…

Your best prospects turn to search engines (Google and the seven dwarfs) to help them find what they need, but do you show up for the same keywords they actually use? How do you rank compared to your competitors? Can you get near or above them on Google? You must, after all, be visible to get into the selection set. Chosen or frozen: unseen = unclicked.

… and a better Description to win it.

Big caution: even if you’re the number one organic (not a paid ad) listing, that doesn’t guarantee your searcher will click. Is your listing attractive, efficient and engaging? You get a huge advantage from smarter HTML coding. Build in a arefully crafted tactical description, and you don’t have to be ranked first to be chosen first. Control what that listing on your SERP (search engine results page) says to optimize it to what that prospect is actually searching for. Can you win that clickthrough? If you’re the first one chosen, you have a good chance to make the sale before the other guys get seen. Watch this video to see how.

Upgrade your selection set strategy.

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