July 9, 2017

Don’t Talk to Everyone

Budgets require segmentation

Can you theoretically talk to everyone? Sure, if you have an unlimited budget. It’s a costly messaging strategy with a lot of risk. Just ask Pepsi.

Fish where the fish are

Use automated analytics to guide your budgets based on which audience segments respond best to your messages. You’ll nurture more sales by sending the right targeted messaging at the right time. Even better, you’ll test, learn, and refine your messages based on user behavior to close even more sales.

Create high-converting buyers’ journeys

Each segment of your audience needs their own buyers’ journey because one message may work for one segment but not another. Another segment might prefer videos over PDFs. Hispanics are not Anglos. Men are not women. Texans are not Vermonters. If you’re successful with, say, one age cohort over another, focus your attention where the ROI leads you.

Need help with segmentation for your strategy?

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