September 21, 2017

The Customer Service Delusion

Customers are not prospects.Well, duh.

They love your customer service. Great. As they should!

But look at any Yelp review: people demand perfect customer service in every transaction anywhere and howl like banshees if they don’t get it. Today, flawless CS is just a starting point. A given. You can’t survive without it.

Our point? Because they already expect it –

claiming it’s your differentiator over competitors is a waste of breath. Every competitor is singing the same unimaginative song. Who isn’t claiming they’re “close to the customer,” “customer-centric,” “putting you first,” ad nauseum?

Break away. It’s time to give prospects that better, meaningful value prop, something that truly differentiates you. Let’s find out what they will actually listen to, a claim that will engage them and make your brand more urgent.

Choose one of the three paths available: better, cheaper, or different. Then run with it. Side note: “new” is also available but temporary. “Doomed” is another:

This isn’t voodoo. It’s branding.

First, understand what else prospects really want, besides CS. Then, engage with them in an authentic voice that’s resonant, likable, disruptive and true.

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