May 9, 2018

Could “robots” assist your sales A-team?


To understand why that’s a not-scary thing, first think about any process where robotic tools have proved invaluable. On an assembly line, for example, welding part A to part B precisely, repeatedly, reliably, with never a rest, complaint or pee break. That’s what made factory robots a crucial investment.

But sales robots for B2B? Really? For complex purchases? Yes again.

Let’s widen the lens, from factory bots doing mechanical things to software bots doing, say, prospecting. Perhaps evaluating 300 cards collected at a trade show, or qualifying webinar attendees, chores that usually entail a haystack of person-hours to find a few needles of hot leads.

sales robots

Which bots maximize value for you? At what investment? What’s overkill? We can advise you.

The fact remains, bots can’t close sales.

Coffee is for closers and closers are human. Some are superhuman, if you believe résumés. So how can you free up your A-team to Always Be Closing? With a digital assist.

Imagine your next 99 prospects as they begin their buyers’ journey to become your clients and customers. You’ll meet them digitally – that is, even if you meet some in person, they’ll still go to your website to “verify” you. Your “smile and a shoeshine” is no longer enough if your homepage looks like an antique, designed in 2011.

The behavior of those 99 web visitors can signal to your sales robots what suspects need to become prospects, and when. They send out valuable signals, if you’re measuring them. Every tire-kicker needs information you can supply, precisely and reliably. 24/7.

Let marketing automation robots take over the grunt work: watch, tag and track web visitors, send them personalized responses to inquiries, add them to drip campaigns, detect and respond to messages on social media. When the numerical lead score shows it’s warm enough, alert that coffee-hungry human salesperson to make the phone call or offer an invitation. The resulting sales efficiency lets your sales stars focus on what’s the most productive use of their time: closing. Cha, as they say, ching.

So, how soon should you get on board? Well, when do you want to set your sights higher, to start toward geometric growth? How soon would you like to replace cold calling with warm leads?

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