April 19, 2018

Need a website autopsy? Or just a checkup?

We are offering you a website autopsy. Free.

What’s that you say? Your site is alive and well? Well, maybe not well. Well, not up to par.

Well then, does your site need a cosmetic touchup – or major surgery? Bandaids or scalpels? An annual physical or resurrection? We offer diagnostic tools plus a couple of decades of training to evaluate your digital wellness. Seriously. Answer a few key questions while I grab my stethoscope.

Let’s start with some basics:

website autopsy

Does your site look great on all screens? Is your brand story clear in the 4.5 seconds a new visitor will give you before swiping you away? Is the urgency of your brand visible “above the fold”? Does it both engage and disrupt? Remember, you have to steal customers from competitors, so your value proposition has to be of loyalty-breaking strength.

Now, examine the description in your HTML* source code: will it fail the test of Killian Rule #6? If carelessly written, this line of code could drive prospects to your competitors.

Next, does your content + coding lift you high on a Google search, or doom you to page 2, 3, or 37? Do your analytics show a homepage bounce rate under 50%? Are your CTAs as clear as CHA**?

How would you know if you really need a website autopsy? By the numbers, three different ways: from sales, from SEO and from analytics. Maybe you only need a tweak or two, with no major underlying problem. If so, we’ll be happy to tell you.

Take two (digital) aspirins and fill out the form below. We’ll give you a prognosis within a week. Free.

* If you don’t know how to examine your HTML source code, we’ll show you.
** If you’re not familiar with bounce rates, or the web design terms CTA and CHA, ask me to explain. The latter is, um, too vulgar to put into print….