April 13, 2018

Do you know #theOtherSEO?

If you invest in SEO, it’s probably because search engine optimization seems so measurable. (And it is.)

But hey: you need the other SEO even more: Sales Efficiency Optimization.

SEO success is far and away the best first step on the buyer’s journey, but it’s #theOtherSEO that fills the funnel, feeds the bulldog, unclogs the pipeline and rings the cash register. Consider the whole journey:

anonymous web lurker >
tire-kicker >
prospect >
lead >
hot lead >
trial customer >
repeat customer >
loyal customer >
referral source >
tattooed your logo on her arm (cha-ching!)

To energize this digital buyers’ journey, your team needs sales and marketing management (S&MM) tools and practices that are automated, integrated, cost-effective and measurable.

“Old-school” sales tactics are either dead or dying. Goodbye printed catalogs, cold calling, snail-mail brochures, FSIs, skywriting, Yellow Pages, matchbook covers…

Yes, there are exceptions. Door-to-door canvassing GOTV efforts, for example, still matter in elections – but they’re vastly more effective if you digitally pre-select the right doors to knock on. Cambridge Analytica may have been evil, but they weren’t stupid.

Learn if and how you’d benefit from #theOtherSEO here.

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