December 18, 2013

What’s a “biz dev” person worth?

Suppose you want to hire a business development person, and you’ve got a candidate who looks very promising.

She’s diligent, anticipates prospects’ questions, offers answers that are easy to understand and relevant to their needs. She has a command of product knowledge and industry knowledge, and will provide as much detail as the prospect needs – no more and no less. She’s attractive, has an engaging personality, and would represent your brand well.

biz dev

“I’ll shorten your sales cycle. What am I worth to you?”

You believe she’d turn suspects into prospects into leads, shortening the sales cycle by defining you in a way that clearly differentiates you from competitors.

So the question is: what should you pay her?

Think it over. Remember, you wouldn’t want her working as a biz dev for your closest competitor.

Let’s now add that she is multi-lingual, and works 24/7/365. Never goes out for lunch. Never catches the flu. She is, we blush to reveal, not a human, but your ideal website.

If you’re like many firms, you now have another question to answer: why are you reluctant to invest as much in this biz dev “person” as that biz dev person?

Most organizations want a strategic, professional, content-rich, brand-building site, but don’t/can’t/won’t budget enough to employ a customer service star for six months. Why not?

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