December 16, 2013

Where are you on the brand elevator?

Ground floor:

“I know that brand” 

Up to

“I like it”

Up to

“I need it”

Up to

“I have to own it”

Up to

 “I’ll buy”

Up to

 “I’m glad I bought it and you would be, too.”


Are you rising on the brand elevator?

Ascend: Awareness, Preference, Desire, Urgency, Purchase, Evangelism.

brand elevator

Awareness is merely the ground floor.

Those who obsess over awareness (because it’s so measurable?) still have five more stories to climb. Your product service candidate idea subscription event whatever must be visible, yes, but that just gets you to a starting point.

BTW, stop using “sales funnel.” It’s misleading. Given time and gravity, every funnel is 100% efficient. Persuasion is way more complicated.

For those obsessed with purchasing as the end point, know that great brands multiply their value when they postpone the celebration until they generate fanboys. Think Apple, or Harley-Davidson or J. Crew or Jack Daniel’s or Weber Grills or Zappo’s or Warby-Parker or Pope Francis. What are you doing post-purchase to make this happen?