October 14, 2012

Coffee beans, clutter, and dead guys

One of our favorite (or at least longest-running) jokes is a poster with cartoons of “agency types” each answering the “what makes you unique” question by declaring “we cut through the clutter.” The last cartoon is yours truly, groping for an answer, coming up with a hopeful “Well, we grind our own coffee beans….”

There’s more than a grain of truth in that. Read 20 agency websites one after another and you’ll be anesthetized by self-descriptions that are, well, clutter. Each one, of course, will claim a unique proprietary methodology – with a catchy name.

Unfortunately, our coffee now comes from Kcups, so we no longer grind our beans. Maybe we’ll have to go back to our other big differentiator: we don’t have ghosts in our office.