June 1, 2012

Going to BlogWorld 2012?

If you’re going to BlogWorld 2012 next week, look us up at Booth 106. We’re going to be helping to introduce our client, Simul TV.

This is amazing technology, the newest revolution in Social TV, where your friends and family can watch programming simultaneously from anywhere in the world, on any smart device, and put yourselves into the picture-in-picture. You’ll “share the stream” as our tagline says, be able to video chat, text and really connect. Just imagine watching the big game with your fantasy league rivals, and watching their faces as events unfold. Imagine being a long way from home but still able to share a movie with your toddler. You share interests, you share a bond – now share the screen!

We named and branded the company, and we’re pretty proud of that. Come say hi.