May 18, 2012

The 100 best words.

Unarguably arbitrary preposterous concatenation:

icky pickle smirk xenophobic blithe mellifluous fatuous bassoon goofy loathsome tutu platoon armature gobsmacked zippy zoo nincompoop snarky mugwump asymptotic jonquil consensus threnody sloe giggle imbroglio peplum mandible furious femur serendipitous booby flummox evocative chenille pendulum cryptic flabbergasted hornswoggled scalawag nebulous loony flagellum conflagration accumulate incubate mithridatic malevolent melanoma moose malaise punchy tepid spleen buffalo snapdragon hayseed fart propeller squishy gazelle lamentable loopy lithe languid luminous limpid linguini lagniappe fetching felicitous fragrant nimble bouncy bubble cascading pontificating penguin muffin giddy doppelganger spatula befuddle flange buttery twaddle lollygagging lugubrious feeble ducksnort* synchrostumbling**

Kooky wackadoodle capricious glossary assemblage.

*Chicago area only

**You’d have to Google it.