December 16, 2014

“Nobody does business over the holidays”? Why trash 4% of the year?

A number of years ago, I was working on New Year’s Eve afternoon. Many people took the day off; others left at noon. Hey. I had stuff to do.
Around three o’clock the phone rang. It was a brand manager for a major beverage company who was looking for new product development talent for a significant project. He was surprised to find anyone actually answering the phone on a sort-of holiday, and we spent the next hour chatting about the feasibility of global branding vs. carving out culturally-specific brand narratives country by country.

Net net? That began a client relationship that lasted years. I doubt it would have happened if I had taken that day off. Being available is not difficult or demanding, so I don’t see what’s gained by not showing up. Sure, many people are distracted and partied-out, but there may just lurk that type-A type who’s fed up with the distracted and partied-out. Be there.

In sum, if you want to launch products globally or rebrand your enterprise and feel the urgent need to talk about it on Christmas Day, 312 399 2894 is my cell.