August 25, 2013

Is your marketing ROI in decline?

Do your ads, intended to sizzle, fizzle?

marketing ROI

The dodo never saw extinction coming. Neither did Kodak. Or Blockbuster.

Does it cost more, year against year, to get through to your market?

When we pose this question to CEOs and CMOs, the answer is a uniform and melancholy Yes.

Marketing ROI is declining for companies who are not evolving fast enough. Outbound marketing is less cost-effective this year compared to last year, because the information explosion continues to empower buyers to avoid your traditional sales messages. New rules, new tools.

Which is, in its way, actually good news, because your competitors are likely in that same rudderless boat. Your opportunity is to jet ski away from them by adapting to the new realities of the marketplace. Adapt, and you can get more bang for the buck in your budget. Adapt, and you can shorten sales cycles. Adapt, and you can free yourself from conventional but outdated strategies.

Marketing ROI is measurable. We can help.