September 2, 2013

The “Top 25 Must-Read Blogs”? Well, hey. There we are.

We were selected one of the Top 25 Must-Read Blogs in the agency world, which told us:

must-read blogs

Top 25 needles in a gigantic haystack?

a) Obviously, the selectors were wise, diligent and observant*. Also thin, tall, rich and cuddly.

b) Top 25 out of roughly a zillion ain’t chopped liver.

c) We were, however, listed #19. Hmmm. We still have work to do on our road to world domination. And …

d) There must be some kickass must-read blogs out there.

So we began reading and subscribing to “the other 24.”

There are, miracles never cease, a bunch of cool must-read blogs. Some are cute, some acute, some both. Sizzle and steak. We found unique voices, from dignified academic to f-bomb spewing anarchic. A creative range of graphic styles, of course. Nature of the biz.

A few choice samples for you to enjoy:

*We would blush at this if we weren’t shameless: “Killian Branding’s blog BrandAids is, quite simply, awesome. A pinch of humour, a dash of controversy, stirred in with a bowlful of brand initiatives. Every time I read this blog I come away with a new factoid or thinking about an old idea in a new way.”


Any other must-read blogs you’ve found we should be  excited about? Who are you learning from?