March 1, 2020

Magic is in high demand and short supply.


As usual.

While we shelter in place/self-isolate/self-quarantine/work from home/maintain social distance, we hear the familiar plaintive outcry for magic. Instant solutions that will get everything back to normal by Thursday.

Wouldn’t it be pretty to think so.

That prudent position — accept what you can’t change, change what you can’t accept — requires a clear-eyed examination of both “can’t” realities. Current example: those who speculate about a Covid-19 vaccine arriving (miraculously) before, let’s say, election day. Merely wishful thinking, or cynical disinformation? In our new book (Rebrand!, available on Amazon) we point out that politicians sometimes regard elections as one-off transactions and don’t feel obliged to adhere to what’s, you know, true.  By contrast, if you manufacture mayonnaise or offer financial advice, you must deliver on your promise over and over again, building brand equity.

Caveat emptor.

BTW, friends, DesignRush thinks we’re among the Best Branding Companies and who are we to argue?