November 27, 2015

Coffee is for closers? Serve up lattes to Sales!

In theory, Marketing and Sales work together like clockwork.

(Hey, stop giggling out there. I’m being serious.)

Sales: Coffee is for closers

Well, yes in fact, there’s usually some tension and mistrust there. Marketing and Sales both suspect the tactics used by the other camp are ineffective. Those suspicions are fueled by the difficulty of measuring the effectiveness of most marketing tactics:

• most paid media is spray and pray
• analytics have limited use: sure, 500,000 people were potentially exposed to the ad, but how many noticed?
• some tactics (like sending content via pdf) yield little or no actionable data
• attribution is a huge issue – what made that sale happen?
• key perfomance indicators (kpi) for Sales are clear. For Marketing? Not so much.
• prospect engagement is increasingly important in purchasing decisions – but it’s hard to measure

MA changes all that.

We help you set up measurable campaigns that attract prospects to your pipeline, identify them with unique ID codes, nurture them along the buyer’s journey by feeding them the content they need when they need it. As they progress, we learn more about them and refine the message. The system segments them as we accumulate insights. The result is to treat them more and more as individuals with specific interests.

Everyone engaged on the pathway of suspect >> prospect >> lead >> hot lead gets a lead score that grows or shrinks based on their behavior. Once a lead score hits a milestone, you’ll know you’re ready to close.

You and we together create the rules and criteria that drive that lead score. So many points for filling out a form, clicking a link or visiting a landing page*. The dynamic lead score decays over time if there is no activity. We continually work with you to refine the rules so that leads are addressed with maximum efficiency.

No cold calling, no wheel spinning. Marketing delivers the leads, Sales closes. Coffee** for everybody.

And the ultimate result of that besides caffeine jitters? Learn how to evolve with
MA105: Learn the ROI of every tactic.

*You, for example, have a lead score in the Killian Branding database that went up 10 points when you landed on this page. It would go up 25 more if you filled out the form above.

**”Coffee is for closers” video clip. Warning: NSFW.