November 27, 2015

Marketing automation reveals the ROI of every tactic.

Slang from the ’90s sounds silly. Clothes we wore a generation ago look ridiculous. Same-sex weddings don’t even raise an eyebrow today.Measure the ROI of every tactic

Change is constant. Change is everywhere. Darwin taught us that adaptation is the key to survival. Charlie D. focused on species – but we see this kind of evolution happen in languages, social attitudes, fashions – and marketing.

The marketing strategies and tactics of 2009 are antiquated, and those of 1999 are obsolete. So what do we need to do now to make sure we’re adapting well to what is most efficient and cost-effective today? Quite simply, we must evolve our marketing by learning (precisely!) what works and what doesn’t.

Know the ROI of every tactic.

Let’s say you employ a marketing mix that includes some print media, broadcast, AdWords, display ads, email campaigns, content marketing, trade shows, social media – everything but skywriting and matchbook covers. And you enjoy some sales success. But what’s responsible for the successes? And what’s budget dead weight?

Once again, MA to the rescue. Once you learn that the anatomy of successful sales includes 12 touch points including webpage A, digital mailing B, YouTube video C and emails D and E, but not catalog F or webinar G, you can put more budget into the winning tactics, and lose the fat. Today’s static marketing plan becomes a “heuristic algorithm,” a fancy-schmancy term for continuous improvement in how you deploy your budget and calendar.

For a next step, you can examine the brand narrative in the same light: the emails about benefit H, I and J generated more engagement than the ones featuring benefits K and L. Evolved tactics plus an evolved brand narrative is more bang for the buck, which is so very today.

Measure ROI. Adapt. Evolve. Thrive. Darwin would be proud of you.