July 20, 2014

Let your prospects segment themselves!

Today, a powerful new way to segment the people in your pipeline can make your marketing much more effective. By their own actions, in fact, they will segment themselves for you! Using a KinetiZine for content marketing delivers these insights.

segment your list with KinetiZine

Hmmm. These people watched both videos. Let’s make an offer.

Take off the blindfold. You can send out 10,000 PDFs, but you have no idea who’s reading page 4, or spending time on your new product section – in fact, you can’t be sure that anyone is reading anything! PDFs do not, and cannot, report back. By contrast, KinetiZine analytics tells you precisely who is reading what, and how much time they’re spending on it.

It’s the end of “Brute Force Content Marketing.” You know, where you send content to the whole list, wait an interval, then send more content to the same list? It’s a primitive strategy, the direct result of getting no feedback from content message #1.

Imagine instead using a KinetiZine, learning which individuals spent time on the new product, then even more time on the pricing section. These people deserve a fine-tuned message quite different from other segments. Different from the one going to those who spent 90+ seconds on the webinar schedule, or those who spent less than 30 seconds total.

The more you can segment, the better you can target relevant, timely messages. That translates into more engaged prospects, who are not an undifferentiated mass of unknowns. Good strategy, leading to smarter tactics.

You could set business rules that trigger precisely targeted messages to segments that identify themselves by their own actions. User behavior (for example, who took the interactive quiz and forwarded a page to a friend and spent 10 minutes reading) can give you clues how to auto-respond).KinetiZine

See a KinetiZine in action. Go to the App Store and download KinetiBranding. Or see a browser version here.

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