July 26, 2014

Is your brand nimble?

It’s a three-screen, digital, interactive global (and impatient) world. Is your content nimble enough?

nimble content marketing

Prospects demand nimble any-device access, fast downloading, kinetic energy. AND a bag of chips.

You have prospects who will discard you if your content doesn’t work flawlessly on their phone or tablet.

They’ll bounce you out of the selection set if your story doesn’t download in 12 seconds.

You may even have a global audience who wants to hear from you in Mandarin or Portuguese.

This ain’t your grandfather’s marketing. New rules, new tools.

And our favorite new tool is the KinetiZine™, an any-device, digital, interactive delivery platform that can span the globe in any language you need. Nimbly.

This impatient world is filled with reluctant readers who won’t sit still for long text sermons, static brochures or catalogs.

They are confident they have unlimited information access, and your “sales letter” is an unwanted intrusion that will have to justify its existence in the first 4.5 seconds.

Reading text is a daunting task for today’s audiences, so two old standbys, print and PDFs, don’t work the way they used to. Partly it’s the “short attention spaniels” we’ve written about before. But it’s also today’s competition for attention that can’t be ignored. If your razzle doesn’t dazzle, maybe your competitor’s will.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, as they say.
Don’t send passive, static PDFs to a pipeline full of people who think a 70 second YouTube is intolerably long. Choose instead to be kinetic and three-screen nimble.

And, for Pete’s sake, don’t be satisfied with un-measurable vehicles when you can instead see which prospects are reading which pages, exploring which infographics, watching what videos. You’re sitting on their shoulders (metaphorically), seeing what they’re reading.

The difference is night and day between sending out content, passively waiting for a prospect to respond – versus knowing that this market segment (self-identified by their own actions) is engaged by, say, your webinar schedule, so you can auto-respond with an invitation to attend or a discounted ticket. Or anything that adds an active touch point, starts a dialog, keeps the pipeline flowing.

Adapt. Evolve. Before your competitors do.