September 30, 2014

Tinker, tailor.

If you’re like 90% of us, you haven’t tinkered with your home page or other landing pages this week. Or this month. Maybe this year.

But you must tinker.

An edit to re-word a call to action (CTA) might take five minutes effort. Check your bounce rate and you’d learn within a day whether to keep the edit, or tailor it with another tweak.
Did you know that changing the color of a CTA button could make as much as a 50% swing in clickthroughs? Tinker. Tailor.

Will a command outperform a question? Tinker. Will flat icons work better for you than rounded, dimensional ones? Tailor.

All such edits presume you don’t have the costs and delays of begging programmers to do it for you. A modern site should be both responsive and simple to self-edit. All the better to tinker and tailor.

So… any questions?