September 23, 2014

Three (very different) books we’re recommending today.

Books we recommend to thoughtful readers.

1. Next-Level Content Marketing by Ted Box. New and essential for CMOs who crave better results and shorter sales cycles.
three books
2. Orfeo by Richard Powers. Long-listed for the National Book Award, this brilliant page turner explores the intersection of contemporary composition and genetic engineering, with an added dash of bioterrorist paranoia.

3. George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends by James Marshall. Mr. Marshall’s wise exploration of the rewards and pitfalls of friendship.

Why these three?

Well, Ted Box is our client, and a collaborator working with us on the bleeding edge of marketing. You might just recognize some of our influence in the book. The Kindle edition is 99 cents, so hey. Go for it.

Richard Powers and I are married to sisters. So am I being perfectly objective here? Yes, actually. Of course.

And George and Martha? Everyone should learn that pouring split-pea soup into your loafers is a sub-optimal strategy.

They’re three important books, in three different ways of looking at important.