July 27, 2014

The cure for the common brochure. Interactive content.

You’ve probably seen the YouTube. That baby looking at a magazine, swiping at the “interactive” pages.

She’s puzzled why they aren’t moving the way they do on Mommy’s iPad.

She’s impatient with static information. She demands kinetic energy, now. Annnnnnnd … so does her Mommy. Not to mention all the prospects in your pipeline.

interactive content

Interactive content wakes up your text-averse readers

You can’t bore people into buying.

“Content marketing” must be more than shoveling as many PDFs as possible at prospects. Followed by passive waiting. Then wondering why the ROI is feeble.

Successfully engaging people is a great marketing challenge. Today it’s often more about the quality of the communication than the quantity.

It’s a long journey. Suspect to prospect. Lead to customer. Repeat customer to brand evangelist. You have many opportunities to engage in a dialog. Marketing used to be a sermon, but no longer. Get over it.

You want to be an influence at every fork in the road, using the optimal number of touch points. It’s best to deliver messages just as needed. No sooner, no later.

Your success keeping the pipeline moving depends, of course, on knowing what’s actually going on inside the pipe.

Which brings us back to boring, static message delivery platforms. They don’t tell us what’s being received, or ignored, or greeted with enthusiasm. Among the guilty parties are printed brochures and sales letters, and their ‘90s-era replacement, PDFs.

No matter how well designed and written, the PDFs you’re sending are static. They just sit there. For an audience that prefers interactive information in kinetic motion, that’s deadly.

One cure is the KinetiZine™, a digital, interactive, kinetic platform to deliver content that can include visuals, animated charts, games, quizzes, surveys, videos, audio … and yes, even text. Check out ours.

Let your competitors stand still. You’ve got a pipeline waiting.