July 30, 2014

Coffee is for closers. Leads in the post-PDF era.

Sales needs leads. Hot, juicy, ripe, low-hanging-fruit, make-your-quota leads.

So, how well is Marketing supplying them?

In many organizations, not so well. Generating leads is challenging, and generating great make-your-quota-early hot leads is a struggle. a source of friction. (Feel free to inject any number of quotes here from Glengarry Glen Ross.)

leads on a silver platter

Sales wants leads on a silver platter. Marketing has to deliver.

Peter Drucker famously said, “There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer.” Despite the importance of that truth, many marketers seem mired in the tactics, and even the strategies, of The Good Old Days, e.g., 2013.

Marketing is evolving, because buyer behavior is evolving. Your best prospects aren’t waiting to hear from you, since they believe they have access to “all the information” they will ever need.

So your benefits-laden sermon will fall on deaf ears. Instead you must begin an interactive dialog, to speed this prospect along the buyer’s journey.

Doing this requires two kinds of insight:

• who’s a real prospect, identified by behavior, and

• what content are they engaged by?

The new-rules-new-tools trouble is, PDFs (or, worse, printed pieces) don’t give you either insight. These vehicles do not – cannot – report back. Who’s actually reading what you sent?

Imagine instead: of the 4239 people in your pipeline who got your communication today, 1417 of them read page seven, averaging 93 seconds each. And the video on page three was compelling enough that 278 people watched all of it.

Whoa. That’s way more than you could ever learn from old-fashioned PDFs. Now, to take it one step further, suppose you set up effective marketing automation so that those people who watched your new product video all the way through got an offer or discount or invitation related to what they showed interest in.

How cool is that? You’d get more than numbers. You’d see who cares.

How can you auto-respond to them to move them gently and willingly along the buyer’s journey?

Sales wants leads on a silver platter. Marketing has to deliver.

Yes you can. We’ll show you how.