December 1, 2018

Shorten your sales cycle with two kinds of insight

Is a long sales cycle a fact of life for you?

Nobody makes an impulsive decision to buy from you. You must nurture the people in your pipeline: from suspect to prospect to lead to hot lead to customer to brand enthusiast*. (Don’t neglect that last one; they’re big-time influencers on social media.)

The Buyer’s Journey can seem endless, but marketing automation shortens that sales cycle. Shine a light into the pipeline to engage, identify and monitor your best prospects.

You get two kinds of insight: first, see what content is actually being read or watched, and for how long. Edit and refine your content to expand upon successful surveys or videos or infographics. Rethink those pages people skip over.

Maybe more important is the second insight: you’ll be able to see who cares. Sales and marketing management (S&MM) analytic tools identify the prospects who are engaged so you can monitor their activity.

You can set up auto-responders triggered by user actions, according to rules you set up. If a prospect spends X minutes on page Y, or visits the pricing page twice this week, you can auto-send them an offer, or an invitation to a webinar, or … whatever works for you.

You can’t do this with PDFs

… or print ads, or snail mail. It’s impossible. You can’t even know if anybody read a single page.

No more spray & pray marketing, passively waiting for people to contact you. Actively supply timely information to your prospects when they’re ready for it. Want to see how you can engage an audience with kinetic energy? Take the first step.

Can we help you shorten your sales cycle? Yes we can. My cell is 312.399.2894.

*”Brand enthusiast” is what we say now. We used to say “brand evangelist,” but a client in Saudi Arabia reminded us that that was, um, inappropriate. One step better than “brand crusader” perhaps, but we adapted.