December 9, 2011

How can a business ignite growth?

Tune in to this web radio show, recorded Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011. You can skip over the intro – our part starts about 2:37 in.

I was the guest host, and I brought along two razor-sharp business strategists: Jack Trytten, author of The G Point, and Dave Baney, CEO of 55 Questions. Hmmm. That’s more than 100 years of experience in one room.

It’s good, practical advice for CEOs, CMOs, and other brand stewards of businesses large and medium, B2B or B2C. If your growth is stalled, it’s easy enough to blame the macro economy – but what if there were steps you could take to put your organization into high gear, right now? Are there dynamic changes you could make in your branding, or your insight into the real needs of prospects, or operations and accountability? Are you getting the most of your brand assets, your strategic insights, your management team?

Enjoy, and tell us what you think.