Automation for Everybody

Your best prospects have never been more demanding.

Along the buyer’s journey, they expect personalized, timely and relevant communications that exceed their expectations. They can drop you at the first disappointment.

That’s why automating notifications, segmentation, and messaging is so important. New tools allow us to create drip campaigns that nurture prospects. For instance, if someone subscribes to your newsletter, they can be added to a ‘new subscribers’ list and be sent a ‘thanks for subscribing’ discount email. Once they make their first purchase, they’ll automatically be moved from the ‘new subscribers’ list to your ‘current customers’ list.

What does automating lists have to do with your bottom line?

Having ‘new subscribers’ separate from ‘current customers’ lets us send different emails to each audience. ‘New subscribers’ might get emails offering discounts or free trials to convert them to customers. ‘Current customers’ could get emails encouraging repurchase, or take part in a referral program. Because each email is tailored to audience segments, you’ll receive better engagement and stronger conversion rates.

Let’s develop an automation strategy and management package to integrate list segmentation, lead scoring, user behavior monitoring, drip campaign development and more to nurture your leads – and close sales. We can provide our own automation platform and CRM – or work with your existing database and system.


  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Drip campaign development
  • List segmentation strategy

Ready to automate sales and marketing management?