September 27, 2010

Can you answer 55 Questions?

We just designed and launched a new site for a new company which we named. Can you tell we’re feeling parental?

55 Questions is a particularly apt name, since its extraordinary founder, Dave Baney, uses the Socratic method to help CEOs and their management teams explore issues including finance, strategy, operations, marketing and branding, process, teamwork and most especially, accountability. Sometimes the questions are challenging, and lead to other questions that expose organizational weaknesses. Sometimes answers uncover strengths to be exploited. Either way, it’s transformative.

We feel very good about the direction of this site: clean, clear, interactive, more video/less text … and a very interesting Grow Your Business page with a Self-Diagnostic Quiz that we engineered. You should test it out, measuring your own company. If you need organizational help, call 55 Questions. If you need a strong clear brand like 55 Questions, call us.