May 1, 2015

Is geography destiny? Today, not so much.

Charlotte office

So if geography doesn’t matter any more, why would we open a branch office?

The truism “geography is destiny” held for millennia: where you lived put a heavy thumb on the scale of life.

10,000 years ago, the climate you lived in shaped your society, customs and beliefs*.

100 years ago, international communication was expensive, slow and rare.

50 years ago, people inland never saw fresh tuna.

But with modern transportation and digital connectivity, geography is now a weaker influence. (I’ll try the tuna lightly seared, thank you, and share the experience after dinner with my friends in Dubai.)

The business implications are revolutionary, of course. We’re doing business on three continents and in eight time zones. We can count on one hand, however,  the number of clients we met face-to-face this month.

If geography doesn’t matter, why are we opening an office in Charlotte?

Hey. Geography still matters even if it doesn’t limit you to few and narrow choices. F2F meetings are still comforting at the beginning of a business engagement before trust has been built. Besides, we really like Charlotte and its vibrant business growth. So wish us the luck we may be destined for.

*Yeah. Beliefs. Desert tribes usually became monotheistic; jungle tribes became polytheistic. Ask Pascal Boyer why.